Redemption '15
The Multimedia Science Fiction Convention

20-22 February 2015
Britannia Hotel,
Coventry CV1 5RP

Guests of honour
To be confirmed

Total Members: 181
Total Adult Attending Members: 153

Latest news

Redemption '15 PR1 available now

Printed copies of Progress Report 1 are in the post, and you can read it online now!

Redemption '15

Yes, we'll be doing it all again in 2015! We'll be back at the Britannia in Coventry, and it's going to be another great weekend.

Online booking is open now. Rates will increase at the end of April, so book your membership early to get the best deal!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Redemption '13 a great weekend: our guests Virginia Hey and Kim Newman; panelists, stewards, tech crew, and everyone else who worked on the convention; and of course the convention members themselves. It was great to see everyone, and we hope we'll see you all again in two years' time!

Thank you, too, to the Britannia hotel for their hospitality again this time, and to their staff who worked to make the convention a success.

You can post con reports and links to photos in the LiveJournal community, or contact the committee, and one of them can post there for you.

Finally, if you have feedback on any aspect of Redemption '13, please do contact the committee and let us know.

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