There are a number of services we provide for conventions: booking systems, mailing lists, credit card booking, private areas for concom members, websites, archiving.


Websites can be created as subdomains of such as .

Or they can also have there own domain name such as

The server is mine, and runs about 50 odd sites for fans, businesses, theatres and organisations. I do charge, but not much.

CGI, SSI, ASP, MySQL, PHP, SSH/shell access, multiple users, Front Page Extensions and many other features are all available on request.

Booking system

For managing all or some of the bookings for a convention, there is a comprehensive booking system that has been used by seven conventions at the time of writing, which handles the main convention booking, hotel booking and secures the information.

For members they can book, amend their booking and use credit cards if wanted.

For the Convention Committee (concom) there are detailed membership lists, hotel booking summaries, payment records and many things recorded.

Access to features can be controlled by the chair or nominated committee member.

Credit card handling is supported. Waveney handle credit cards for our fanzine business and can handle fan conventions through the same account. The software can work with Worldpay or Protx if you have your own credit card account. Other credit card handling companies could be supported if required. We charge 5% for handling credit cards which is pretty much what it costs us.

It is possible to provide the credit card based booking remotely, for conventions that want to manage their own booking, on their own website. The package which is cgi/perl would run on most linux based systems, though would need the support of someone with appropriate system administration skills to set it up. Note that in this case the system is unlikely to be kept up to date with new features.

(The booking system is currently about 10,000 lines of perl, sitting on top of my basic shopping suite of 2,500 lines, the full shoping suite is 16,000 lines)

Mailing lists

Any convention can have mailing lists, they can be open, closed or have special access.

Email addresses such as [email protected] can be setup that redirect to your membership secretary.

Mailing lists and email through the sites can be archived.

ConCom Services

A private area where documents can be posted for use by the concom can be provided.

Each member of the committee (and any others they wish to have access) has their own username password. This allows the tracking of who changes what and to control the capabilities.

Facilities being considered

  • Merchandise to support BuyMe buttons on your merchandise pages allowing simple ordering knowing ones address from the booking (if you have one).
  • WiKi’s the provision of Wiki’s to support the concom or the whole membership are being considered.


For fanish events we are close too (i.e. we are members or we know you), services are charged at cost. For commercial events the services would be charged for.